Title Text Effects: Making Titles Look Like Gangsta Bling in Photoshop

Title Text Effects: Making Titles Look Like Gangsta Bling in Photoshop

Posted by on Wednesday 07 Mar 2012

Recreate the silver “bling-bling” effect for your titles in Photoshop with this tutorial. Apply this effect to the headings and headlines of your catalog prints or when flyer printing or even on your business cards. Without further ado, here’s the first step.

1. With a new document open, use the horizontal text tool to type in the text title that you want. You will want to choose a creative font style that matches the “Bling” style. However, any kind of font style or even graphic can be put through this effect process.

2. With your text ready, you may want to first change your background to a darker colour, and your text to a white colour. This allows us to see our effect better.

3. Now, first go to the blending options of your text layer. Simply right click on the text layer and select blending options.

4. First, tick the bevel and emboss effect.

5. Next, tick of the gradient overlay option. Use a light grey to a white gradient setup. Make sure that the grey starts from above and white is at the bottom. To achieve this, just tick the reverse box in the gradient overlay options and the  just set the gradient editor from grey to white, left to right.

6. This gives us this result:

7. Hold down the CTRL key and click on the Icon of the text layer. This should select the area of the text layer only.

8. Now, click on Select -> Modify -> Contract. In the window that opens select 5px:

9. This reduces our selection a bit.

10. Create a new layer by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N. Then, brush in white colour in our selected area.

11. Then, apply the following Filters

a. Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise – Set this to 50%

b. Filter – Stylize – Emboss: Use the defaults.

c. Image- Adjustments – Brightness Contrast: Just brighten it a bit.

12. Great! Now we have a nice bling looking title text.

13. We will just add some refinements. First, add an inner shadow in our shiny inner layer for the text. Depending on the size of your text, you may want to use different distances and sizes. For our example we are using 1 pixel for both.

14. Finally, all that is left to do is to add some twinkles and shines. Do this by drawing two intersecting lines (1 pixel thickness) and then splashing one small blurry brush point (3px) in the middle.  Add it around your text for that shiny twinkly effect.

Great! Now you have a nice bling style.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Swing by PrintPlace Tutorials to find more of this.

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