Red Hot Fire Brand Effect in Text in Photoshop

Red Hot Fire Brand Effect in Text in Photoshop

Posted by on Thursday 08 Mar 2012

Want your title letters to be on fire? This effect can be achieved with some layered effects using Adobe Photoshop. Give your text that extra kick on digital and print designs, most especially for cover titles when catalog printing or flyer printing. While you do not have to be an expert to apply these effects, you will want to have at least a working knowledge of how to use Photoshop to do this.

So, if you really want to make your titles look like a red hot fire brand, then just follow the instructions below.

1. First, let us setup a dark background for our fire brand text. Just use black for your background, or maybe use a dark coloured gradient or texture. It all depends on what you are creating of course.

2. Now, just use the type tool to type in your text. Make sure of course that you are using the font that you would like to use as your “Brand”. Thick or detailed font styles are recommended here, particularly serif fonts if possible for additional “tails”.

3. First, let us colour our text with a bit of yellow. Pick of course the colour that you want, but for ourpurposes, we are using the colour #fff568.

4. Then, select the Linear Dodge (Add) for the blending mode of the layer, with an opacity of approximately 10%.

5. Now, duplicate this layer by right clicking on the layer and selecting “Duplicate layer”. The text layer will be our base, and then these duplicates will be where we have fun with effects.

6. Change the colour of our duplicate layer to 5ef1c.

7. Next, change the blending mode of the layer to Overlay. Increase its opacity to around 70.


8. Then duplicate this layer, and set this new duplicate to a yellow colour #c97d27. Use Linear Dodge as the blending mode, with an opacity of 30%.

9. Using this layer, add a layer mask. Go to Layer ->Layer Mask -> Reveal All.

10. Then, use the gradient tool and add a Black to White gradient into our text along with our colour effects. It should fade to the background a bit like so.

11. Now, grab our ORIGINAL text layer, duplicate it and colour it a bright yellow. Place this on top of all the layers we have so far.

12. Now add a Gaussian Blur effect to it. Simple go to Filters -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur. If they say you need to rasterize the text, just select OK. Once the window opens, set an 8 pixel radius to your blur.

13. Then, randomly erase parts of the blurred text using a soft eraser brush. This gives the impression of parts of the text glowing more than others.

14. Now, duplicate your original text layer again, and place this new layer on top. Bring up its blending options again. Add 1 pixel stroke with a colour of #b83b04.

15. Afterwards, reduce the fill opacity to 0% under the advanced blending.

16. Now we have a nice red hot outline on the edges of the text.

17. Finally, add some fire graphics behind your text to finish up our firebrand text.

Great! Now you know how to create fire styled text brands for your title designs.


Hope you enjoy the tutorial! Swing by PrintPlace Tutorials to find more of this.

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