Etched text effect using Photoshop

Etched text effect using Photoshop

Posted by on Thursday 09 Feb 2012

There are some very specificdesign features that need etched looking letters. In fact, effects likethese are great for specific cover themes for catalog printing and business cards.Luckily for you, in Photoshop, you can do this easily and quickly. Youjust need to gather the right textures and effects to get that etchedimpression.

Here is a very easy to followtutorial to help you easily do it for any kind of color booklet designor even for other special effects as well. Let is first start with theInitial requirements.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Texture or Stylized Background image
  • Appropriate Font style


1. First prepare your main canvass

2. Openup Photoshop and set the precise dimensions for your document. Do notforget to set the resolution as well. 72ppi is for web images and 300ppior higher if you are using this for booklet covers etc. For thebackground, just leave it as white for now

3. Nowthat you have your main document, the next step is to add in yourbackground for your design. You of course will decide which exactbackground you will need that is appropriate for your theme, but forthis tutorial we will first create a stone type background as the base.

4. Todo this, we colour our background first with a kind of stony color,gray. Just pick the color that you want for the palette, or just clickon the foreground color at the bottom of the tools menu and pick yourforeground      color.

5. Next, use the paint bucket tool to fill out your background with your chosen colour.

6. That should flood the whole canvass with the color.

7. Nowthat we have the base color that we want, we make into a materialtexture by adding a little noise. Choose Filter -> Noise ->   AddNoise.

8. Oncethe Noise window opens, play with the noise settings that you want.However to get a subtle stone or concrete type texture you will want toset these values:

a. Amount: 5%

b. Distribution: Gaussian

c. Monochromatic: Checked

9.That should give us a good base texture to work with engaving. Now, juststart your engraving by typing in some Text. Don’t worry too much aboutthe color of the text, but for our example, since it is easiest to see,we chose black.

10. Now, right click on the text layer that you created and click on the option, blending options.

11. Oncethe window appears, click on the main blending options and look for the“Advanced blending” section. For the “Fill Opacity” value, choose alower number of around 40-50%

12.Then tick the checkbox for “Inner shadow”.

13. Also set the Distance and Size of the shadow to something that matches your design. A standard value to go for is:

a. Distance: 3px

b. Size: 9px

14. Next, in the Quality Contour area of the Inner Shadow blending option,be sure to choose “Half Round”. It is the option below the diagonalcontour option.

15. Afterwards, just click on OK to get your Etched text result!

16. Now,the great thing is, you can use this on any kind of background textureto get interesting results.  All you have to do, is to copy paste thebackground image that you want into the background layer and the changeshould be instantaneous.

17. Below are a few more examples using other kinds of textures.

a. Wood Texture Background

b. Marble Texture Background

c. Silver-Metal Background

Great! Now you know how to setupthat nice etched text effect for your digital designs throughPhotoshop. Once you know the basic effects, you will want alter thefonts, textures and settings to make it look a lot real for yourspecific kinds of designs.






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